Medication Awareness


Providing learners with the knowledge required to support the use of medication in health and social care settings. The course provides information on the different types, classifications and forms of medication, as well as providing guidance on safe storage and disposal.


On completion, attendees will have an increased understanding of the importance of accurate recording and reporting when administering medication.


The course covers:

  • Medication Administration Records in care

  • Who is responsible for the MAR, who can put information onto it and make changes?

  • What is a medicine?

  • Legal categories of medicines

  • How do medicines work?

  • Names of medicines

  • Generic vs. Brand names

  • Formulations and routes of administration

  • Administration (or the prompting of) of different formulations

  • How to safely administer:-

Tablets and capsules



Eye drops, ear drops, nose drops

Creams and ointments


Suppositories and pessaries

  • Wearing gloves, hygiene, safety checks etc.

  • Dosage instructions

  • Confidentiality and consent

  • Side effects and adverse reactions to medicines

  • Pharmacy services that support the care worker

  • Safe storage and disposal of unwanted medicines.


Attendees of the course receive an AAA Training Certificate.


For your convenience this course can be delivered on site to groups of staff, please contact us for details.

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